Faculty News



  • Mansoura University in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research and the University of Technology Malaysia Organizes a training program genetic engineering unit half industrial entitled "Bioprocess Engineering and Industrial"  from 13 to 18, April 2013


US-Middle East Partnership in partnership with Nile University and the Academy of Scientific Research
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  • Grants / Ramadan Hussein Abu Zaid Salim, Assistant Professor, Department of Geology scientific title of professor of specialization (Marine Geology) 10 March 2013


  • The appointment of Dr. / Ahmed Abdou Abdel Razek, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Plant for the position of teacher plant (Microbiology) 10 March

Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud al-Baz Younis,
 A professor emeritus in science, Botany department has been awarded  DSC in the field of plant physiology


 Professor / Mustafa Kamal Mohammad Yousuf
Scientific production in the field of metal physics and important applications in the fields of applied scientific industrial,
 medical and produce new materials distinct and one of its applications awarded the Nobel Prize for 2011 has been published globally


Prof. Heshmat Soliman Aldesuquy, Botany Department
A book entitled Seed Physiology and published publishing house Lambert


Prof. Hamdy Doweidar, Professor of Experimental Solid State, Physics department
Degree of Doctor of Science (D.SC.) in Physics (Condensed Matter Physics)


Prof. Mohamed Kamal Aouf, Professor of complex analysis
of Science in Pure Mathematics